Two levels of efficacy

Two levels can be distinguished at which imagery works:

  1. Task- or problem level. Imagination is used here for a specific task. For example, for a performance to be delivered, or for the development of a skill, or to solve a problem or alleviate a complaint.
  2. Depth level. Here the image takes on a more far-reaching meaning and existential value, and a more metaphorical and symbolic character. Making use of the symbolic character of images increases the effectiveness in the long term and usually has a meaningful and emancipating effect.

Areas of application

  • Personal development.
  • Education; development trajectories.
  • Career guidance.
  • In organizations: in team building, vision development and task-oriented assignments.
  • In the development of creativity; inspiration; meaning.
  • In case of emotional and psychological problems; depression, burnout, trauma processing, anxiety.
  • Stress management.
  • In relieving physical symptoms and processing illness.
  • The Imagery Toolkit project is an example of this.
  • Revalidation
  • Top sport and performance in general.