Course Book (English)

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  1. Introduction (p.02)
  2. Symbol cards (p.04)
  3. Audio imagery exercises on 2 CDs (p.08)
  4. Drawing and writing (p.16)
  5. Sculpting (p.21)
  6. Singing and music (p.28)
  7. Photography, film and more (p.31)
  8. Working with imagery as a family (p.34)
  9. A three-week course (p.44)
  10. Guidance by an Imagery Toolbox coach (p.47)
  11. The origin and practice of therapeutic imagery in the treatment of illness (p.48)
  12. Resilience and health by Jan van der Greef (p.68) Comittee of Recommendation (p.71) School for Imagery (p.72) Foundation Kanker in Beeld (p.73) Notes (p.74) Bibliography (p.76)

Author: Jan Taal

With contributions by: Jan van der Greef, Marian Kramers, Joris Baas en Christine de Vries.

The Course Book is part of the Course Imagery Toolbox 3.0.

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