Imagery Toolbox 3.0 (English)

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The imagination is a wonderful thing. It is a realm in which we find our inner wellsprings, (re)sources we can draw upon to fortify ourselves.
The Imagery Toolbox contains some excellent ‘tools’ to help us to do just this. These take the form of simple exercises, suggestions and material which can provide you with the means to use your imaginative resources to increase your power and resilience in difficult times of illness and recovery.
By getting to work on the imagery exercises and mobilizing your own creativity you will start to harness the power of your own mind and to use your own inner strength to complement the medical care you may be receiving. In this way you can do a great deal to enhance your own emotional equilibrium, your sense of wellbeing and your ability to rest and to take pleasure in life
This third edition of the Imagery Toolbox has been compiled with great care and expertise. The previous editions, published in 2009 and 2012, have been enthusiastically received, extensively tested and have helped people in various situations.

Contents Imagery Toolbox 3.0:

  • Course Book
  • Imagery exercises
  • Audio CD’s/ download
  • Symbol cards
  • Watercolour pencils & brush
  • Sketchbook & Notebook
  • Modelling clay
  • DVD ‘Singing for your Life’ & ‘Touched by an Angel’
  • Voucher for coaching

Mobilize your inner resources.

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