Monday 21 March 2022

6.30 – 9.00 pm GMT;
7.30 – 10.00 pm CEST



Jan Taal


Image: Jan van der Greef

The Art of living and Imagery


Lecture-workshop organized by Psychosynthesis Trust

Everything we do in life is driven by its image. The inner world of images is the playing field of our motives, desires, possibilities and obstacles. With imagery, you can learn to navigate that inner world and access your vital life resources. Art of living is using your vitality and creative abilities and applying them in the world in which you live.

The art of living is managing yourself. On the one hand, that means ‘coordinating’ everything that influences and touches you from within, and on the other hand, it is dealing with what you are confronted with in the outside world, the circumstances in which you live, your family, relationships and work, society and the time you live in.

In the deepest sense, the external world is your property, the terrain you have been given, it is like a (hidden) part of yourself, destined to use your qualities and creative abilities.


The first step is getting to know your inner world. Imagery is a very good method for this. The next step is to coordinate what lives inside you, experiencing and expressing it in a balanced way. imagery is also an excellent method for this. Once a firm center is established within yourself, your talents and creative abilities can mature.

Just as in our solar system there is the sun that gives us life, so inside each of us there is a source of self-reinforcement and realization. This can also be compared to the roots and trunk of a tree from which branches, leaves and fruit continue to grow if given the chance. That vital creative source within us is universal. It’s our deep connection to everything that exists, from the other to every stone and drop of water, but that’s a secret.

Clearing blockages or inhibitions is, of course, an essential part of the process of ‘coordinating yourself’. Applying your talents and creativity in everyday life in the external world is the last step in the process of imagination, art of living in the practice of life.


About imagery

The capacity to imagine is not something that is learned, we all have it, it is innate. After all, imagining is what people constantly do, just like breathing, it is a core function of the psyche and continuously determines our behavior and experience.

Every action, every new development is driven by its image. Advertisers, influencers in every field and good teachers use it all the time. With imagery you can consciously use your imaging capacity for your development and for giving meaning and direction to your life.

In this lecture-workshop Jan Taal takes you through prehistory, neuropsychology and imagery experiences of people in the 21st century to the three stages of imagery.

In the important second part of the workshop you are invited to experience it for yourself.

During this part of the workshop several steps will be taken with imagery, there will be exchange with other participants and discussions with the workshop leader.


Intended for everyone interested as well as for professionals in counselling and therapy.


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*For professionals the training The Art of living and Imagery; Essence and techniques of imagery in counselling and therapy is organized.

April 30  & May 1, 2022, 10.00 am – 5.00 pm in person in London, UK

May 29, 2022 Follow up online, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm